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Booking Koala

This is an instructional video you will be introuduced to our booking software and app called Booking Koala. Here you will learn how to download the app, access your jobs, and perform and record daily tasks.


Get To Know Your Cleaning Supplies

This is an instructional video designed for the cleaning techs, aimed at introducing them to the range of cleaning products that they will be responsible for carrying and using on a regular basis.

What is a General or Maintaince Cleaning?

What is a general clean (also known as a maintenance clean)? Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru talks about general or maintenance cleans and the steps of how to perform one.

How to Do a Maintenance Clean on Showers & Tubs 

This training video provides cleaning techs with a comprehensive guide on maintaining and cleaning bathroom fixtures like showers, tubs, and garden tubs.

How to Do a Maintenance Clean on a Toilet

Learn how to do a maintenance clean on a toilet, which includes tips on removing toilet bowl rings and cleaning techniques to make bathroom cleaning effortless.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

How to clean hardwood floors naturally, without heavy-duty chemicals that are safe for kids and pets. What is the best hardwood floor mop for professional cleaners? how do professionals clean hardwood floors and what methods are best for houses with tile and hardwoods?

How to Clean Everything In The Kitchen

In this video, Cleaning Expert Melissa Maker shares a bunch of helpful kitchen cleaning tips, tricks and hacks and shows you how professional cleaners tackle messy kitchens

My Top 10 Dusting Tips | How to Dust Properly

Looking to learn how to dust properly? Cleaning Expert Melissa Maker is here to help you step your dusting game up, save you time and get better results with these 10 dusting hacks!

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