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Our Exclusive Offer

Door-to-Door Sales Script:

Window Washing Service


Hey there! How's it going? My name's [Your Name] and I'm with Prestige Cleaning of Bergen County. Quick question for you: When was the last time you had your windows cleaned?

Highlight Benefits:

We've actually been in the area the past few days cleaning windows for a few of your neighbors. They've been thrilled with the results!

Offer Special Deal:

We're offering a special deal today. I can provide you with a quick quote. I just need to go around and count up the windows.

Provide Pricing:

Normally our price for a full scrub down would be $475. But today, we're waiving our $100 transportation fee, so we're offering our services for $375.


Detail Service Offered:

And just so you know, we clean every square inch of the windows, including the window frames and window sills. You'll get a thorough clean from top to bottom.


Handle Objections:

If for any reason you're hesitant, let me know. Is it because of the price or are you looking for more overall value?


Price Adjustment:

If it's a price concern, we can drop the price to $299 for you today.

Value Addition:

If it's more about value, we can also scrub the outside of the gutters to make them look cleaner and improve the overall look of your house.


So, what do you think? Would you like to take advantage of this special offer and get your windows looking sparkling clean today?

Offer to Lock in Special Pricing:

If you're not ready to commit today, no worries! We can still lock in this special pricing just in case you decide to book in the future. Could I quickly grab your contact information?

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